Readings by Appointment Only

Elie Barnes reads exclusively for Hex Old World Witchery at 1219 Decatur Street on the east side of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Please contact the shop for details. She does tarot and clairvoyant readings over the phone; hand analysis, mediumship, and tarot/clairvoyant readings in addition to astrology

in person. 

           Hex Old World Witchery

               1219 Decatur Street

            New Orleans, LA 70116


September 1, 2016

I met Elie Barnes in 1973 at Florosa Elementary School in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. She was the “new kid” with curly, blond hair and the confidence of an Amazon. While the rest of us paraded around in stupid Garanimal outfits, Elie wore the coolest thrift-store bellbo...

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