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                                 Elie Barnes 


I was born with audio and visual psychism. I do not remember anything about my baby life except for crawling on a hard floor. From about  age 3, I have very good memory.  My visions were terrifying and I heard many voices and sounds. I had particular difficulty at night alone in my bedroom.  I was in Ormond Beach Florida in 1964-1970, living on the Halifax river. My parents were teachers and they owned an art gallery.

My mother's family in Fort Walton Beach, Florida were interested in psychism, energy healing, Theosophy and New Thought philosophies. In particular the work of Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and the Emissaries of Divine Light. They had unusual friends and a very forward thinking lifestyle for the time. My grandmother and uncle hosted esoteric group meetings in their large home.  My grandmother occasionally went to see a spiritual psychic, Vera Long, in Pensacola, Florida. Knowing that there was something quite wrong with me, when very young, my mother and grandmother consulted Vera Long. She told them that I had reincarnated instantly between death and rebirth and had not been able to psychically adapt. I had been left wide open and was being invaded and haunted by beings from the Astral. 

My parents would often make the drive to Fort Walton from Ormond Beach, just for the weekend.  On one of these trips, my grandmother took me to see Vera when I was 3 or 4. I can only remember her spiritual room, next to her living room. She had me place my hand on a large Bible and said strange prayers over me.  I remember being very mad about this, becasue I had an immediate distaste for anything regarding Christianity. (This was quite unfortuate for a young girl in the Bible Belt). I was always an outcast.

But Vera did help me to stabalize my aura and create some barrier protection for my little terrified being. I slowly began to be able to sleep at night and I was not so afraid in general. At the same time, my mother aquired a children's book for me called The King with Six Friends by Jay Williams. I devoured this book and read it over and over. It was the story of King Czar who was exiled from his homeland by an evil rival.  King Czar found himself alone and afraid, but trying to return to his home, winning against his evil rival and earning the hand of the local princess.  On his journeys, he made friends, one by one, with magical creature humans who could shapeshift and had special powers. Together, the King and his friends went on the epic journey to the king's homeland, conquering many obstacles on the way. In the end all was well and King Czar kept his rulership, married the princess and had his magical friends stay in the royal court.

In reading this book, I realized that I could have magical helpers. At night, terrified in my bed alone and in a bedroom far away from my parents room, I asked for magical helpers to come to my aid. AND THEY DID.  I received the help of a group of a very special animal tribe. I am very private about them; but they are by my side to this very day. They taught me to build up a protective pyramid vault around myself at night. This kept out the entities that were in my room and were constantly trying to either grab my feet or enter my body. This finally let me begin to get some rest and my terrifying visions began to abate.


I was fairly stabilized by the time I went to kindergarten. I was already reading quite a bit and thinking abstractly. I could read minds and so did very well on school work. But I also realized the teachers were not thinking about school or children.  I was shell shocked at meeting other children and learning that they were standard fair in humans. I was so surprised that I had been locked in my own world. I was very shy and embarrassed all the time. But I managed to live my life as a smart, cute, blonde girl from Florida. I graduated high school, went to college and made a very interesting life for myself.  I had to study the world of the occult from the very earliest of ages. There was an inner calling right from my earliest memories, a calling that has never ceased. This is my true world, the world of the hidden, the voices in all of nature, the land of the spirit world, the old gods, and the Abyss. Difficult as it is the say, I have had to learn to visit the Abyss through the High Priestess portal in Daath, and accept the weirdness of our multi-verse. I channel from Ain Soph.

My college degree is in Philosophy and my minors are Comparative Religion, French and History. After college, I became a famous artist and made my professional career as A.E. Barnes. I paint in a naive, folk style that is very colorful and reminiscent of Henri Matisse. I show my paintings at art shows around the US and present at great galleries in the Southern states. I designed the Cafe Du Monde catalog cover in 2016, as they use a different artist each year. I love them and they sell lots of my art prints too. So today, my work is collected and I focus on special orders from art collectors around the world.

I have a wonderful daughter, Harriet, who is grown and is a musician and anthropologist. My life partner is Ed Bradley, my soul mate and travelling companion. We own ALLOS ANTHROPOS Magical Arts, a magical herb company. We live in the ninth ward of New Orleans and are practicing herbalists, witches and occultists.

Today you can find me, 40 years later of study and practice, at Hex Old World Witchery in New Orleans. The shop is my psychic and occult home and it is where I do all my readings. I have learned specialized magical techniques to open and use my psychic abilities to do very specific readings for people. I have also studied the sciences of Astrology and Hand Analysis and use these as diagnostic and predictive tools.  I perform medium-ship sessions contacting people in the world of spirit and I do Tarot card readings, using traditional meanings and psychic vision to answer questions and look into any life situation.  

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