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The Training of Psychics

So many people ask me about protection and proper training for psychics and mediums. I realize that many folks are born with natural talent in terms of being an intuitive, em-path, clairvoyant, clairaudiant, medium or dream prophesizer. And our religious and cultural climate does not make room for these talents. Young children are discouraged from working with their talents and are left to defend themselves from sometimes terrifying visions and night time fright experiences. I do much counselling to people who end up fearful and exhausted, frankly, from psychic experience. I was so very fortunate to have a mother and grandmother who took care of me when I was very young. My grandmother realized my psychic ability and took me to get help from a very old psychic and medium when I was three and four years old. I cannot imagine my life without that early support and teaching.

Today, I recommend these four books as a great start to creating a teaching program that you can follow on your own. The first is an older classic, published in 1930 by Dion Fortune. "Psychic Self Defense" forms the basis of most newer books on psychic protection and defense from psychic attack. Dion Fortune was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and was trained by psychiatrists and occultists working with the functioning and health of the human psyche. Even though it is written in an older Victorian style, this is the first book to read so that you can identify and heal all types of maladies that occur in the psyche. You can read more about Dion Fortune here

The second book I recommend is "The Exorcist's Handbook" by Josephine McCarthy. This book gives full descriptions of all the types of beings and entities that exist in the cosmos; and describes their type and function in terms of consciousness. When one is psychically open, all manner of creatures from angels to demons to elementals to deceased humans to gods and inner plane teachers can and do communicate with you and make their presence known. It is best to understand the worlds and levels in which these beings exist and how to manage and control them. Most people do not realize that there are many types of consciousness beings in the universe; humans are only one of many. Josephine McCarthy is a natural psychic and from early childhood began her research and studies into psychic phenomenon. She is trained by several occult schools in England and has her own school called Quareia.

The third and fourth books I suggest are "The Book of Spirit Communications" by Raymond Buckland and "The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment" by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. Both of these tomes are published by Llewellyn and are full of exercises and work lessons in all manner of psychic phenomenon and practices. The Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment is 690 pages deep and will provide training in everything a psychic practitioner needs to know. There are many exercises throughout the book to provide practice with all techniques. Raymond Buckland's book of Spirit Communications covers a vast history of Spiritualism in the western world and shows many techniques for practice with seeing, hearing and speaking with all types of spirits. It includes chapters on Medium-ship, channeling Spirit Guides and using tools like Spirit Boards and Crystal Balls. This book is 260 pages of discussion, history and practice worksheets ind instructions. These two books will give three to four years of in-depth study for a serious student. See more at

So now you have some very good tools to start your research, practice and education. I also suggest that you keep a daily psychic journal that lists the date and day, moon phase, location in the zodiac of the Moon, your dreams from the night before and all intuitions, visions and hunches that you receive throughout the day. Practice at least 15 minutes of still and quiet meditation per day, asking that your psychic training be true and powerful and safe. Also choose a particular type of practice, like tarot card reading, or crystal ball scrying, or medium-ship for a month at a time and record your work and experiences. Invite like minded friends to join you once a week and do readings and practice your skills with different people. You might like to form a small group to work on these studies and practice together. Blessing to you in all your endeavors. Elie

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